Introduction of Global Professional Program (GPP)

The Global Professional Program (GPP) is a special unit of the African Enterprise Institute, which is a strategic corporate institution, based in Washington DC, focused on implementing development intervention strategies and initiatives required for repositioning all peoples of African descent across the World, on the path to wealth creation, sustainable development and leadership. The African Enterprise Institute is particularly focused on building the path for people of African descent to leadership of global enterprises, global business and global project that are redefining the World.

In this respect, we are particularly interested in positioning our GPP members for academic study programs that would lead them to building global careers in technologies, medical & healthcare industries, enterprise leadership, academic research, senior fellowships & research, academic sabbaticals, and a host of other areas, that we have determined would be required to rebuild and reposition the African Continent.

It is our expectation that GPP professionals, after their education and global career experiences, will form the human capital foundation required for a renewed drive for Africa’s development, to be led by a new generation of African Leaders of the 21st Century.

Furthermore, the African Enterprise Institute’s Global Professional Program supports a global community of international members of African descent who continue to seek World-class academic studies and professional certifications as a strategic pathway to building reputable global professional careers in strategic industries that will reposition and redevelop the Nations of Africa, the Caribbean and the Americas. GPP members are highly educated and motivated individuals that join our community while striving to achieve academic and global professional excellence, with a view to enhancing their unwavering commitment to World-class career development.

As we build strategic partnerships with World-class Institutions of higher learning to support our community we are particularly seeking partners that can support our community with the following study programs and professional certifications:

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This is exclusive to healthcare professionals seeking placement or for those seeking to get started at the ground level of healthcare or home care management. We assist our member in securing accreditation for international assignments as well as work to get them the travel visas, ticketing, family relocation logistics and subsequent professional support for careers at some the World’s leading organizations and institutions. ▪︎“ANABEL Cares” Professional Accreditation – Our Healthcare Professional Accreditation is a pathway for African Care Professionals to a Global Professional Healthcare Career in the United Kingdom and around the World.

“ANABEL Cares” provides care Professionals from the entry level of care which includes medical assistants, nursing assistants, midwives, paramedics, mental health care and home care management

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Academic Studies

We work with Institutions of Higher learning across the World as Partners to provide members of our GPP community admission into some of the most reputable academic study programs. Our partner Institutions offer highly regarded and highly respected academic undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in almost all fields of endeavour and we guide our Global Professional Program community to carefully select the study program that best suits them. We currently limit our academic programs on offer to our GPP community to higher Institutions based in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Canada.

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Advanced Academic Studies

We work closely with academic institutions to offer our GPP community specially designed research or fellowship programs. This is reserved for members of our community with strong academic experience or strong Industry background. Some of the opportunities we offer to our community from our partners include programs for PhD studies, visiting scholar or visiting professor programs.

In most cases our support to our community members extends beyond the identification of the Institution with the right fit, we go further to support possible third party funding for programs at the Institution in question.

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The Experience (Undergraduate, Fellowship & Executives)

This program is available to all members of our GPP community to take a few weeks to better understand their options before they make a commitment to an International Country or a selected Institution for study

GPP members are taking on a guided study tours of Institutions and programs which provides exposure to Institutions of higher learning, global companies and industries.

During the GPP “The Experience” guided study tours will include University visitations with guided tours, participation in research with United States Municipal authorities including under studying the administration of business, education, health care and 21st Century living, guided study of United States Federal Government regulatory authorities, Sit-ins for in class assessment especially for under graduate student.

For our executive and C-suite level members we provide Global Board Internships which includes observer status on strategic boards of directors. This allow us to position the next generation of African leaders to study the operational efficiency and corporate governance of global communities up front.